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International Conference on Desalination and Water Reuse

  • The status quo and development trend of desalination industry at home and abroad
  • Innovation of membrane desalination technology
  • Innovation of thermal desalination technology
  • Desalination and environment issues
  • Energy utilization and efficiency of seawater desalination and energy recovery technology
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment technology
  • Process design, operation management and economic research of desalination system
  • Anticorrosion control and material selection
  • Application of complementary desalination products
  • Innovation and development of water reuse technology
  • Regeneration and comprehensive utilization of industrial and municipal wastewater

Conference on Industry Water-saving and pollution-controlling Technologies
Summit on Development of China Water Purification Industry

  • The market of China water purification industry and its prospect
  • The development trend of water purifier in view of drinking water quality and inspection in water purification industry
  • Water-saving standards of water purifier and related policies
  • Solutions to water safety in buildings, houses, campus and rural areas
  • Quality guarantee of water purifier—materials and fittings choice
  • The way to seize opportunities and respond to challenges for cross-border water purification companies
  • Marketing and service of water purification Industry in the new period

Conference on Water-saving &Wastewater Reuse Technology in Iron & Steel Industry

  • The status quo and development trend of water utilization in iron &steel industry
  • The status quo and prospect of new water-saving and sewage treatment technology and equipment in iron &steel companies
  • Water-saving technology of iron &steel companies and municipal wastewater treatment and regeneration technology
  • Research techniques on water purification, water treatment and catalyst
  • The status quo and prospect of desalination technology in the field of sewage treatment and utilization of iron &steel industry
  • Treatment and reuse technology of tertiary treated wastewater and cooling circulating water

Innovation Conference on Water Treatment Technology in Printing & Dyeing Industry

  • The existing situation and prospect of wastewater treating in printing & dyeing industry
  • Technical discussion on industrial wastewater reuse methods and improvement of recycling rate in printing & dyeing enterprises
  • Popularization and application of new technology, process, equipment and new drugs
  • Cases analysis waste on water treatment in printing & dyeing industry
  • Source and disposal solutions of sludge in printing & dyeing industry
  • Sludge drying processing technology and equipment selection in printing & dyeing industry

Forum on Urban Construction and Development of Water Ecological Civilization

  • Policy elucidation, beautiful construction of water ecological civilization in China
  • Water ecological protection and development of national water park
  • Conception and practice of urban construction of water ecological civilization
  • Planning characteristics, issues and development trend of national water park
  • Sustainable utilization of groundwater resources and water source protection
  • Issues and experience on water ecological restoration
  • Application of new technology, materials and equipment on water ecological restoration projects

Seminar on municipal Sewage Treatment and Reuse International DWT Academic Seminar

  • The latest progress in desalination technology and material research
  • Cases of desalination development in advanced countries
  • Development and application of  new energy on desalination such as solar, wind and nuclear energy Membrane separation and osmosis technology
  • Water-saving technologies and drinking water safety
  • Water resources management and zero-liquid discharge technology

International Conference on Brine and Concentrated Water Comprehensive Utilization

  • Aseptic technique development of desalination materials, Economic and technical analysis of combining desalination with chemical production
  • Research on manufacturing salt and other comprehensive utilization of brine
  • Technology of directly extracting potassium, bromine and other valuable chemical materials from brine, and deep processing
  • Research on new technology and industry development strategy of comprehensive utilization of brine at home and abroadEnergy saving technology on the production of salt and salty chemical products (include soda ash, caustic soda, PVC)

Conference on Sludge Treatment, Disposal and Reclamation

  • The current situation and prospect on sludge treatment, disposal and reclamation in China
  • Standards interpretation and policy discussion about urban sludge treatment and disposal as well as the 12th five-year plan for sludge industry
  • Research and application of new-type sludge treatment and disposal technology and equipment
  • Progress of urban sludge utilization technology
  • Research, application and engineering examples of sludge reclamation technology, including sludge compost treatment, recycling sludge as building materials, and land utilization technology, etc.
  • Technology research, engineering applications, design experience and management experience on commissioning and operation, on sludge reclamation at home and abroad

Themes of Past Conferences

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