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  • Sponsored by the Chinese government, jointly supported by many global industry organizations;
  • Over 1000 leaders, specialists and seniors of water treatment industry from more than 50 countries will gather together ;
  • Over 100 famous experts will deliver presentations on desalination marketing and technology development strategy responding to global water crisis;
  • Authoritative keynote speeches, sessions, workshops and seminars make face-to-face communication with industry users possible ;
  • One of the largest, highest-level and the most influential and professional annual conference on desalination & water reuse in Asia-pacific region.

A Global Platform for Water Solutions

Qingdao International Conference on Desalination and Water Reuse is a high-end international academic and technical pageant, supported by International Water Association and related industrial organizations, co-organized by Desalination Branch of China Water Enterprises Confederation, European Desalination Society and other groups. The annual conference, which has been held for ten consecutive years, boasts great influence at home and abroad. The conference is aimed at creating a platform for exchanging ideas and information on the most advanced desalination & water reuse technology, engineering & industry, so as to spur the development of desalination industry in China and other countries around the world. Meanwhile leaders from water industry will be invited to make presentations on the development trend and the target and task of unconventional water resources industry, including national desalination and waste water reuse.

2016 Qingdao International Conference on Desalination and Water Reuse is scheduled on June 27—30, 2016, in Qingdao of China. The conference has been successfully held for ten years and has accumulated rich experience. With its abundant contents and a diversity of activities, the conference provides a platform for solving global water resources. Policymakers, experts and practitioners will gather together to share achievements and technologies, response to challenges and explore opportunities in desalination and water reuse industry. The annual pageant enjoys great reputation and influence and has become a renowned international conference in the Asian-pacific region. It’s a golden chance to make friends, communicate with top experts and enterprise representatives, and work together for promoting the development of desalination technology and industry.

Who Should Attend?

* Leaders who take charge of national and local water resources, water environment, water saving and water treatment;
* Experts, scholars, professors, and researchers in the field of global desalination and related areas;
* Member representatives of International Water Association, Desalination Branch of China Water Enterprises Confederation, European Desalination Society (EDS), Shandong Water Ecological Civilization Promotion Council and Environmental Chamber of Commerce and other professional associations or organizations;

* Engineering technicians from domestic and foreign water treatment companies, municipalities, entrepreneurs, investors, scientific research institutions, users and news agency.

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