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2017 Qingdao International Conference
on Desalination and Water Reuse & International Conference
on Water Resource and Environment Sustainable Development

A Global Platform for Water Solutions

  • International Conference on Desalination and Water Reuse
  • National Industrial Water-saving and Water Treatment Technology Conference
  • Ministry of industry and information《The national industrial water saving and water treatment industry development report》Conference
  • Ministry of industry and information 《The national industrial water saving 13th five-year plan》policy study
  • National industrial zone water saving and pollution control industry alliance founding conference and seminar
  • National metal industry water saving and waste water comprehensive utilization seminar
  • The desulfurization and denitration wastewater reuse seminar of the power industry
  • Seminar of new technology of national dyeing industry water treatment
  • International conference on brine comprehensive utilization
  • Seminar of separating machine utilization of industrial water  saving system
  • Matching meeting of Desalination industry  
  • Water Science and Technology Seminar
  • Youth forum
  • Major requirements projects release of national water resource and water environment
  • Sewage Treatment and Reuse Technology Seminar
  • Black-odor Water treatment and sludge disposal technology seminar
  • Garbage Leachate Treatment Technology Seminar
  • Founding Conference of Chemical Council of Desalination Branch of China Water Enterprises Confederation and Water Treatment chemicals Application Technology Seminar
  • PPP Investment and Finance Forum
  • China Water Enterprises Confederation “Water Saving and Water Treatment Enterprise Credit Grade Evaluation” Certification ceremony
  • New Model of Water Saving Management Contract Seminar
  • China Water Right Exchange Seminar
  • New Third-board Market Companies Development Strategic Seminar
  • China-Europe Water Treatment Industry Matchmaking Conference
  • Development Summit on Water Purification of China
  • Sponsored by Chinese governments, supported jointly by many industrial organizations all over the world.
  • Over 1000 leaders, specialists and seniors of water industry from more than 50 countries will be gathered;
  • Over 200 famous experts will give presentations on environmental industry opportunities and technology development strategies responding to the global water crisis;
  • There are authoritative keynote speeches, sessions, workshop holding simultaneously, and hundreds of industry users participating;
  • One of the largest, highest-level and the most influential and professional annual conferences on desalination & water reuse in Asia-Pacific region.


China Association for Science and Technology
Qingdao Municipal People's Government
International Water Association
World Water Council
China-Europe Water Platform

Desalination Branch of China Water Enterprises Confederation
Shandong Association for Science and Technology
Water-saving and Water Treatment Branch of China Industrial Energy Conservation and Clean Production Association

Qingdao Science and Technology Association
Qingdao International Desalination Center
European Desalination Society
China Metal Association
Huangdao district people’s Government 

Development and Strategic alliance of China Water Purification Industry
Shandong Water eco-civilization Promotion Association
Shandong Salt Industry Group LTD

Jiangsu Provence Manufacturing industry Association of Water Purification Equipment.

About The Conference

Qingdao International Conference on Desalination and Water Reuse, jointly sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology, Qingdao Municipal People's Government, International Water Association and European Desalination Society and related industrial organizations, organized by Desalination Branch of China Water Enterprises Confederation and Qingdao International Desalination Centre. It is a grand, international-standard, academic and technical pageant. The annual event, which have been held 11 terms, has a great influence on both national and international. The conference aims at building an exchange platform for the most advanced technology of desalination & water reuse industry, which contributes to the development of desalination industry in China and all over the world. Meanwhile leaders from central government and water industry will be invited to make high standard presentation on development trend and the 13th 5-year national plan on utilization of desalination and unconventional water resources.

2017 Qingdao International Conference on Desalination and Water Reuse is scheduled on June 27-June 30, 2017, in Qingdao of China. The conference has been successfully held for 11 years and has accumulated the rich experience .With its abundant contents and diversity activities, the conference provides a platform of solving global water resources. Entrepreneurs, experts and professors will gather to share achievements and technologies, response to challenge and explore opportunities of desalination and water reuse industry. The annual conference has great reputation and influence in the industry and has become an international brand, which is a good chance to make friends, communicate with top experts, and promote the development of desalination & water reuse industry for experts and representatives of the enterprise in the field of desalination.

Representatives Participating in the Conference

  • Heads of national and local water resources, water environment, water saving and water treatment Governments.
  • Experts, scholars, professors and researchers of desalination and related field all over the world.
  • International Water Association, European Desalination Society, Desalination Branch of China Enterprises Confederation, China Metal Association, Shandong Water Eco-civilization Promotion Association and representatives of other groups and organizations.
  • Representatives of engineers of water companies, investors, entrepreneurs, scientific research institutes, users, news agencies,etc.

Enterprises of Past Conferences

National Development and Reform Commission
Ministry of science and technology
Ministry of Environmental Protection
Ministry of Water Resources
State Oceanic Administration 
China Association of Science and Technology
The Institute of Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization, SOA (Tianjin)
Development Center of Water Treatment Technology, Hangzhou
Gansu Academy of Membrane Science and Technology
Tsinghua university
Tianjin University
Ocean University of China
Tongji University
Dalian University of Technology 
Tianjin Polytechnic University
Harbin Institute of Technology
Hohai University
Nanjing University of Technology
Zhejiang University
Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd
China Metallurgical Group Corporation
China Huadian Engineering Group
Shanghai Electric (Group) Co
China First Heavy Industries 
Harbin Electric (Group) Co
China Electronics Engineering Design Institute
BeiKong Water Company
China Power Engineering Consulting Group
China Hydropower Consulting Group
Beijing Municipal Design Institute
Shougang Institute of technology
China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower research
Ningbo Materials Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences
North West Electric Power Design Institute

GE Siemens Dow Veolia
Doosan Toray Degremont Nitto Denko
Hyflux Pentair Pall Pub Singapore
Cadagua ACS COBRA Aqualyng Black&Veatch
ACWA Toshiba Hitachi LANXESS
Fesia Sidem EBARA Outokumpu
ERI Biwater Sulzer Pump Engineering
Calder AG Industeel Naclo SembCorp Utilities
Inge A.G. Toyobo BWA Prominent
Wabag BRACK Genesys Woongjin Chemical
Amiad Hach Butting Schlumberger Water
CH2M HILL Flowserve FCC Grundfos Pump
Kurita Danfoss Mitsubishi Sumitomo Corporation
Porex AkzoNobel ANDRLIZ Modern Water
GEMU ABB Litree Harbin ROPV
Bray MOTIMO Vontron Wave Cyber
Canpure Scinor Cobetter Nanfang Pump
Haier TCL 3M A.O.Smith
Unilever Ozner Angelgroup Tritech
SOLAREAST Iwowater RRS Originwater

Main Topic

Desalination: Innovation-driven & Green Development

Main Content

Keynote presentations, comprehensive reports, sessions, workshop, business negotiation, academic exchange, technology exhibition, the government banquet, technical visit

Program Sessions

International Conference on Desalination and Water Reuse

  • The development situation of desalination in China and main areas of the world
  • Innovation of membrane desalination technology
  • Innovation of thermal desalination technology
  • Desalination and environment
  • Energy efficiency of seawater desalination and energy recovery technology
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment technology
  • Process design, operation management, and economic research of desalination system
  • Corrosion control and materials choose
  • Application for desalination fittings
  • Innovation and development of water reuse technology
  • Effluent and sewage reuse and comprehensive utilization

Conference on National Industrial Water-saving and Water Treatment Technology
《The national industrial water saving and water treatment industry development report》Conference

  • Water-saving and pollution control technology of water-intensive industries such as petrochemical, steel, power, dyeing industries,ect
  • New technology of water-saving & pollution treatment in industrial zone
  • Zero emission technology and economic efficiency of effluent
  • Reclaimed water production and safety delivery technology in industrial zone

National Metal Industry Water Saving and Waste Water Comprehensive Utilization Seminar

  • Water resource utilization situation and development trend of steel industry
  • Status and development trend of water-saving and waste water treatment new technologies and new equipment of steel enterprises
  • Water-saving of steel enterprises and urban sewage joint processing reusable technology
  • Coking wastewater decrement and deep processing technology
  • Wastewater treatment and comprehensive utilization of acid, oil, extraction solvent, heavy metal industry such as sintering, iron making, steelmaking and rolling, etc
  • Technology of water purification, water treatment agent, catalyst, etc
  • Desalination status and prospects of waste water treatment and utilization in steel industry
  • Tertiary waste water treatment, cooling circulating water treatment and reuse

The desulfurization and denitration wastewater reuse seminar of the power industry

  • Policies and laws of energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental protection of power industry
  • Present situation and prospect of circular economy and clean production of power industry
  • Electric Deionization technology application experience and development direction 
  • Boiler make-up water preparation technology
  • Integrated membrane technology(UF+RO+EDI) popularization and application experience and the existing problems of hydrating power plant boiler water treatment
  • optimization design and economy analysis of the power plant water treatment
  • the application of ion exchange resin of electric power industry water treatment system
  • Present situation and prospect of desalination technology in power industry

National dyeing industry water treatment new technology seminar

  • Wastewater treatment status and development trend in the future of dyeing industry
  • Discussion on dyeing enterprise wastewater reuse mode and boosting reusing rate technology
  • New technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials, new potion promotion and application
  • Case study of waste water treatment system of dyeing industry
  • Sludge source and process problem of waste water treatment of dyeing industry
  • Sludge drying technology and equipment selection

International conference on brine comprehensive utilization

  • The new development of corrosion protection technology of desalination material, the technical and economic analysis of realizing salinization range
  • Salt production and comprehensive utilization technology research of brine
  • Brine directly extracting bromine and magnesium, potassium and other valuable chemical raw materials and processing technology
  • new technology of comprehensive utilization of brine and research on development strategy and industry development
  • energy saving technology of salt and saline products (including: soda ash, caustic soda, PVC) production

Water science and technology seminar

  • Unconventional water resource utilization technology and the latest progress in materials study
  • Achievements and case study of advanced countries of desalination technology
  • Development and application of desalination new energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy
  • Membrane separation and infiltration technology
  • Water-saving technology and drinking water safety
  • Water management and zero emissions

Youth forum

  • Industrial water treatment demand and research direction
  • Water ecological management technology
  • Experience introduction
  • Youth salon

Conference on sewage treatment and reuse technology

  • Urban water reform and development strategy
  • New ideas of sewage treatment market development
  • Sewage advanced treatment technology and process
  • Membrane technology development and current situation of municipal water treatment field in China

Black smelly water treatment and sludge disposal technology seminar

  • Domestic dispose and resource utilization of sludge treatment current situation and trend of development
  • National and local sludge treatment stander explaining, policy discussion and “13th five year plan” of sludge industry
  • New sludge disposal technology and equipment research and development application
  • Energy-oriented use technology progress of city sludge
  • Sludge compost treatment, sludge building materials transform technology, land utilization technology research, application and engineering examples
  • Sludge disposal techniques and the project example, the design experience, commissioning, operation and management experience, etc, at home and abroad

Garbage leachate treatment technology exchange meeting

  • The characteristics of garbage leachate treatment technology, pressing problem to be solved and development trend
  • Specification, emission standards and treatment process of garbage leachate
  • Special process of garbage leachate and case study
  • New technology and the experiment of garbage leachate
  • Realization of “zero emission” and energy consumption cost control

Water treatment chemical application technology seminar

  • Corrosion inhibitor and demulsifiers, anti-fouling agent, scale inhibitor, and other agentia in petroleum refining and petrochemical industry
  • Industry application of anti-corrosion anti-fouling
  • Water treatment agentia in a steel plant circulating water system and the application of turbid circulating water system
  • The application of water treatment agent in the thermal power plant chemical processing, energy efficiency, environmental protection, etc
  • Research and application desalination special agentia
  • Research and development and application of cooling water agentia
  • Research and development of RO agentia

PPP investment and financing forum

  • local fiscal reform, financial risk prevention and the PPP
  • Past, present and future of water investment and financing market at home and abroad
  • The PPP theory and practice, the PPP experience at home and abroad
  • Water in the direction of investment and financing reform, policy
  • Water investment and financing mode analysis and water project financing innovation strategy
  • The trend of Chinese financial reform and its impact on water companies investing and financing
  • Law of water investment and financing

Contract water saving and water right exchange management seminar

  • Water right exchange management mode
  • Water right exchange-- core of the water-saving society
  • Case study
  • Contract water-saving management model
  • Contract water-saving management pilot case study
  • water pollution control and water ecological restoration
  • Project information of water saving management and water right transaction contract

Renaissance wealth forum –“clear water of castle peak, national revival”

  • under the great age of industry change, who will lead the water industry market in the future
  • Renaissance venture capital “ industry + fund, 1 + 1 > 2” Capital support great water dream

CN-EU water treatment industry matchmaking conference

  • Technology import, incubation, investment and financing matchmaking platform
  • Industrial wastewater and sewage reuse technology all over the world
  • Collection and purification technology of rain and flooding
  • Seawater, brackish water desalination technology
  • Sludge, waste disposal technology
  • soil remediation technology
  • Large engineering projects economic analysis and the case study

China’s water purification industry development summit

  • Water purification industry in China market, and the future outlook
  • Development trend of water purifiers and water quality monitoring of water purification though tap water quality
  • Building, family, school and rural drinking water security solutions
  • Materials, selection of accessories-- Ensure the quality of water purifier
  • Cross-border enterprise how to seize the opportunities and challenges
  • Marketing and service of the new period of water purification industry

Paper Selection and Publication

1. The length of the papers should be around 5,000 words, along with an abstract of 200-300 words. If you submit a paper in Chinese, you also should submit an abstract of 1,000 words in English.

2. The title of the paper should reflect the nature and content of the paper and be no more than 12 words in length. All authors' names (maximum of 8) should be listed with the given name in full, all middle names as initials, followed by the family name in full.

3. Your digital figure files should not be separated from the text file. Text files (including figures) should be formatted to MS Word files, and remarked with full information of the speaker and/or organization. All margins 2.5 cm, Times New Roman, single spaced, all lines left-justified.
4. Arrangement: Title (14, bold), blank line, Authors a, b, c (12, regular), blank line, Addresses (10, regular), blank line, Abstract (10, regular), Key words (10, regular), Text (10, regular), blank line, References (10, regular). Please remember to include your fax number and office telephone number when submitting your paper.
After the conference, a selected number of full papers will be recommended for publication in the following journals. Followed is the paper format and style respective.
Desalination and Water Treatment (SCI journal)
Water Science and Technology (SCI journal)
The recommended papers will go through a peer review process following the journal's own rules.

5. The deadline for submitting abstracts is March 31th and for full papers is May 31th, 2017. Please send your papers by email to


Conference Agenda

Date Agenda
June 27, 2017 (Monday) Registration
June 28, 2017(Tuesday) Opening ceremony / Keynote Speeches / Sessions / Exhibition
  June 29, 2017 (Wednesday) Sessions / Plenary Speeches / Exhibition
June 30, 2017(Thursday) Technical Tour


Hilton Hotel in Golden Beach, Qingdao, China

Add: No.1, East Jialing river road, the Economic & Technological
Development Zone, Qingdao, China

Set by the soft, wide sands of Golden Beach, with the Laoshan Mountains as a backdrop, the Hilton Qingdao Golden Beach hotel is an architectural masterpiece, combining old-world ambiance and modern design. Located on the southeast of Phoenix Island in Qingdao - The Pearl of the Yellow Sea - this contemporary hotel is located in Qingdao's Economic and Technology Development Zone (ETDZ), 20km from downtown Qingdao, and is close to many Fortune 500 companies. Liuting International Airport is only an hour's drive away.All of the spacious guest rooms and suites at this Qingdao hotel have generous work spaces and various entertainment options. A private balcony is provided in each room, from which to enjoy tranquil park and ocean views. Work out in the 24-hour fitness center or hire a bicycle and explore the beautiful parks nearby. Food lovers will be spoiled for choice at this Qiandao hotel with three bars and restaurants offering dishes prepared using only fresh ingredients, often sourced from local farmers and markets nearby.

Exhibition Of Technology And Euipment

Exhibit Profile

Technology , products and equipment of desalination & water treatment industry
Membrane and membrane modules corollary equipment
Engineering and management
Equipment of Sludge treatment
Special modules of water treatment engineering and facilities
Techniques and Equipment of Water save and Waste water resource

Media, service providers for intelligence, consulting and software

Booth Type and Price

Standard Booth (6m2)
1. Member: US $2,000
2. Non-member: US $2,200

The standard booths include: One table, two chairs, one fascia name board with both Chinese & English company name, two spotlights, one electric socket (220V), carpet.


1. Registration Fee
Before April 1, 2016 US$ 800
After April 1, 2016 and on-site US$ 900   
Fee includes:
Admittance to the sessions, meals, information kit and visit service.

Participants shall be accommodated to the conference standard, and responsible for the cost.

Event Sponsors

Choices of sponsoring are as follows:

Principal Event Sponsor    Gold Sponsor            Silver Sponsor  
Banquet Sponsor              Associate Sponsor    Gift Sponsor

For those who want to become a sponsor of this event, please contact the organizing committee.

Registration Details

1. Fill in the registration form and email or fax it to the organizing committee before 31st May, 2017.
2. Registration fee should be paid in advance or on-site.
3. After registration fee is paid, please submit the payment receipt to the organizing committee.

Mode Of Payment

Intermediary Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank New York
Beneficiary Bank: Bank of Communications Qingdao Branch
Customer's Name: Qingdao International Desalination Centre
Customer's A/c No: 372005513018170040169


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Qingdao International Desalination Centre

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